Mar 22, 2010
just south of Pittsburgh
Having trouble sending pictures to a friend who has an Iphone, Anyone else having this probelm?
I've had the problem too. But I think it's a iphone/at&t issue. I couldn't send pics to an iphone from my blackberry, and now I can't with my DI. I just end up telling them something's wrong with their iphone or their network, haha. They usually believe me too. Ignorance is bliss...
If u include a message (meaning words) along with the picture, it'll send.
I had the same prob. but it works fine now.

Yup happy now rn't ya?! lol
My son's iphone has no trouble recvg photos............but I always put a 'caption' or msg w/ them.
I tried adding a caption and still no go here. Maybe I'll try with the stock messaging app and see if that works.
I do not get an error, just does not seem to go through, I have sent them with comments attached and no comments. Was not sure if it had anything to do with size of pictures or not. My old pictures that were stored on my Dare seem to work fine, the DI ones are not working. Still looking for the solution. I will keep trying if anyone has ideas....
My Girl friends Eris Was sending the photos fine but my Moms Iphone was not receiving them. However, My Env Touch(still waiting on my Inc) Was sending them fine and the Iphone was receiving them fine as well. I'll have her try adding some text in with it.
I am having a similar issue with photos sent to blackberries. My girlfriend has a year old curve and can't receive my messages. I'm assuming it's the picture size, but didn't know if there were any other people with this problem or if it was similar to the iPhone issue.
Tell them to get an Android..... problem solved!

I've sent a pic with no text before to my friend on Sprint, and no issues there. Haven't tried to an Apple phone user though.
Sent to, and received from, an iPhone just fine. Couldn't send to or receive from an HD2 on T-Mobile, though.
i'm from Canada - my bff was on Koodo with a LG Optimus One, my boyfriend on Telus wit a Samsung Galaxy Fascinate and I have an iPhone 4 on Telus.
Best friend couldn't send/recieve pictures from anyone, boyfriend and I can't send/recieve pictures from eachother?