Sending translated messages by SMS.


I have used a few translator apps to translate from English to Spanish. However, I keep getting an error and the SMS in Spanish is never sent.
I use the same translator and it sends the SMS in English only.
I am wondering if this is an issue with the app, the phone or is this the way the phone works.

I tried the same thing, it was caused by an accent I think using a spanish word. I sent it in two parts, and the first part went through but there happened to be no accents, but the second part had one and messed up....

It might be because the code for an accent in the phone is different then what is found online and when you send it, the phone basically tells it "No", or the other persons phone cannot see them.

But when I sent mine it was too my girlfriend who texts in spanish all the time... so I dont think its the second thing.