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Sensation Going Back to HTC - Again!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by paulrh, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. paulrh

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    The Mrs's Sensation has gone wrong again - would be off after charging overnight with no LED light on whatsoever. Only way to get it back to life was to do a few battery pulls then eventually it would start up only to reboot half a dozen times a day. Then two days later the phone would then be dead again in the morning. Now the phone will not even boot up - seems completely dead. Completely stock ROM and did a number of factory wipes.

    Phone going back to HTC for fun and games with the support department. This time I know how to deal with them. I will end up with another refurbished phone with another intermittent faulty motherboard then the whole cycle will start again. Thank goodness for the UK 2 year warranty!

    I bought the Mrs an SGS3 as a replacement for her Sensation. I am much more impressed with it than I thought I would be. In fact the only real difference is that it works. She likes the reduced weight in her handbag and the screen is awesome.

    I am still loyal to the HTC brand - my own DHD just gets better every day but I do have concerns about the long term sustainability of HTC. Why can they not just produce smartphones with the best basic features from all makes ie

    Micro SD card slot
    Removable battery of max possible size (greater than 2300 mAh)
    Micro USB socket at the bottom (which idiot put it on the side???)
    Decent loud speaker volume

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    I had a similar issue with mine I sent it to Vodafone, I got a refurb unit and never had the issue since but still since having the sensation in Oct 2011 I have had 3 handsets and so far the 3rd is great. I have noticed that when its on charge it has to be in a certain position or it wont charge so just make sure that the LED is on and in a position it will stay on.

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