Apr 12, 2010
Is this possible? To be more specific, is there a way to port the camera/video cam from Uncommon Sense over to MIUI and have it work correctly?

Edit:Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Mods, move as you see fit ;)
I wish. I'm not really a big fan of the stock camera, however, I love everything else vanilla. I've looked into this before and according to a few sources it is not possible to do.

Don't let this deter you, though. Find a solution! :)
Try the skyraider rom. Its not 100% stock more like a senseless rom but it has the sense camera, contacts, and some other aspects but it has the best parts of stock.
Thanks for the replies.
I wish I was good enough to figure out how to make this work.
Most ROMs I've tried that have the camera I prefer don't appeal to me in other ways. Personal preference of course. I've tried Skyraider and even though it has this cam, it's not for me.
Thanks again guys. I'm gonna keep my eye out for a workaround to this.