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Sense like calendar widget?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Opivyattack, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Opivyattack

    Opivyattack Member
    Thread Starter

    I want to try CM7 on my Incredible but I love the HTC widgets. Specifically, I can't conduct day to day business without the HTC Sense calendar. I have tried several options (Jorte, Pure Calendar, etc) and I can't find anything even close in terms of ease of use, style and features. One of the most important things that it has which I can't find in another app is the ability to set a recurring event in non standard form. For example to set an event to occur on the first monday of every month. This is critical for me and any app that doesn't do that is immediately written off. Can someone point me in the direction of an app that might do what I'm looking for?

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  2. HJAcevedo

    HJAcevedo Well-Known Member

    Is this your first rom? I used to use CM7 and I SORELY SORELY missed the sense widgets. I began doing some "googling" and came across this: Virtuous ROM: Virtuous Unity Released

    I love it! Youtube some reviews, google a few more images/reviews and see if it's acceptable.
  3. Opivyattack

    Opivyattack Member
    Thread Starter

    That's funny. I've been on Virtuous for probably a year and I love it as well. I just kinda wanted to experiment and change it up but I think I'll miss the Sense widgets too. I wasn't sure if the dev was going to be updating virtuous with the new release of 2.3.4 either. It's been a long time since we've seen any updates (because there's nothing wrong with the rom I guess). It was just getting a little stale and I wanted to try something new.
  4. HJAcevedo

    HJAcevedo Well-Known Member

    Oh! Well in that case if you find something new let me know! I've been looking around for other sense roms that offer me something new/better than what I currently have with no luck. I admit that I too am getting a little bored with Virtuous and have stuck to it for a long time but it's just that great. Amazing battery life, awesome widgets, and an AMAZING music player!

    My only gripe was that I couldn't have Netflix on my phone once I switched from Royal Ginger but now that mt4g is officially supported I have absolutely no complaints... so now I'm stuck with a rom. I guess some things can be TOO good, eh?
  5. Chilly McFreeze

    Chilly McFreeze Well-Known Member

    LauncherPro Plus and GoLauncher both have calender widgets widgets that are pretty similar to HTC Sense's.
  6. starfarer

    starfarer Newbie

    Android pro widgets.
  7. SnowBEE

    SnowBEE Lurker


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