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Sense Should Not Be on the Hero

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MadBrown, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. MadBrown

    MadBrown Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I know HTC puts Sense on all of their Android phones, but unless there's a 1GHz Snapdragon processor under the hood, it's just too much for phones like the Hero.

    Last week I tried LauncherPro for the first time and was very impressed. Then on Sunday I went back to Sense just to see the difference and lasted a day....the dialer lag goes up to 30 seconds sometimes, and often 10 seconds. This is a joke.

    I still get some lag with LP, but usually no more than 3 seconds. I'm sticking with LP and Beautiful Widgets (which I've had no issues with the weather updating accurately).

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  2. Well, my phone worked fine under 1.5 - there was no lag in any activity associated with sense. Hell, sense is the reason I tried then bought the phone!

    but since 2.1... :(
  3. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire

    No problems w/ Sense at all.
  4. davidmacrae

    davidmacrae Lurker

    Thanks I'm gonna give LP a try
  5. Joehunni

    Joehunni Android Expert

    Sense is the best UI for any Android device to date, if you wanna make it run better root and flash a custom Rom, it will be much more bearable then.
  6. MadBrown

    MadBrown Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I've read conflicting things about how useful doing that really is....I may consider doing it if there's a way to go back to stock if I want/need to....
  7. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    yes.. there is an easy way to go back to stock...

    1. Root it.... this does nothing to the phones performance. No changes to OS! it only opens the door for you to make changes to the OS. and give you ability to do nandroid backup.

    2. do a nandroid backup of your current stock setup.

    3. Now you can flash any ROM you wish... and restore the stock ROM any time.

    of course... read read.. and read some more.
    still ... with everything there is some risk. good luck.
  8. Joehunni

    Joehunni Android Expert

    any aosp roms are virtually lag-free, also the newer Sense based roms that are built off the most recent software update (.6) run far better than stock.
  9. Richw350

    Richw350 Newbie

    For those having issues with sense, I think there is something else wrong. I have zero issues with sense on my hero with 2.1 .

    Frankly, to say that sense does not belong on anything below a 1ghz processor is crazy. Might want to get more data than "it doesn't work well on my phone" before making such a statement.
  10. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    i would not agree with the OP...

    from what i have read comparing the Hero to the Moment.
    hero has sense
    moment has little better hardware.. on basic android

    but many have said that sense on hero is more responsive than moment.
    so.. it maybe something else that is affecting the additional lags that u are seeing.

    I would guess.. it maybe a low signal issue.. causing phone to search for service often.. and affecting performance when it is busy. this may also cause bad battery issues.
  11. phatmamaslim

    phatmamaslim Newbie

    I have a simple question. I see a lot of ppl using LP and liking it, is this the best home alternative to use. I'm not wanted to root at the moment but i'm seriously thinking about it since i heard there will be no more updates for the hero. I cant belive i'm stuck in a two year contract with a phone that doesnt even work well as a phone. I'm fed up and i dont have the extra money to go buy a new phone full price at the sprint store. UGH
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  12. chinkster

    chinkster Android Enthusiast

    you don't have to root to use launcher pro. give it a try. launcher pro and adw launcher in my opinion are the best home alternatives. im using launcher pro right now! try it
  13. madpirahna

    madpirahna Newbie

    I tried LP for a couple days running 2.1 and went back to sense. It had to many issues for me.

    You just need to keep sense trimmed down IMO.
  14. MadBrown

    MadBrown Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    What does that mean??

    I haven't done anything that the OS won't allow me to do. I've used HTC widgets, download legit apps from the Market.....so what exactly are you talking about? :thinking:
  15. Joehunni

    Joehunni Android Expert

    As amazing as Launcherpro is, Sense is still better, I would stick with Sense unless you are on an aosp rom that has no Sense.
  16. madpirahna

    madpirahna Newbie

    Maybe it runs better on your phone. Could be an app or something conflicting on mine but I got a lot of lag using this.
  17. phatmamaslim

    phatmamaslim Newbie

    Ok... I used LP for about a day and then decided to try ADW out.. LOVE IT!! I like the shortcuts on ADW better than the LP ones. just my opinion tho.
  18. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    ... root and delete things that are on the phone that you dont need. apps and widgets that you dont use. example: sprint Football.. etc...

    load custom ROMs that have the OS tweeked to be more effective.

    use App2sd.. to raise more room in internal memory

    use freememory (not sure the name) app in marketplace to set internal memory killer to high settings.

    etc...etc... look it up
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  19. Joehunni

    Joehunni Android Expert

    Lol Autokiller and Minfreemanager, both make Android kill off apps sooner than it would do stock, great for keeping plenty of ram free.

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