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Sense vs OEM Android

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by clokwork, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. clokwork

    clokwork Member
    Thread Starter

    I have been looking over the issue surrounding multitouch. Whether it's patent related or else, I was reminded how HTC's Sense UI has it. Not only that, I keep reading about how much better the keyboard is in Sense as well. It really irks me that we wont have multitouch without rooting the phone (regarding the N1). With such an awesome device, it sucks to have to navigate otherwise. This actually makes me want a device like the Bravo/Incredible even more. Bah...

  2. rdalcanto

    rdalcanto Android Enthusiast

    Several people say the keyboard on Sense is go good. I tried the Eris. I found the virtual keyboard on the Droid to be better. I can type faster on the Droid (and more accurately) than I ever could on my iphone. One of the biggest failures of Android so far is no hands-free voice dialing over bluetooth. When they finally release that version of the OS, it could be forever before HTC upgrades their devices to that version with Sense. The Nexus and the Droid will get it first.
  3. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    i think HTC should just sell their keyboard in the marketplace.
  4. clokwork

    clokwork Member
    Thread Starter

    ^ that would be a great idea
  5. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

  6. clokwork

    clokwork Member
    Thread Starter

  7. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but if you get a smartphone with the Sense UI that is overlaid ontop of Android's OS, you are in for some bad news when it comes time for updating your OS. Yep.

    When Google releases a newer updated Android OS, that will mean that HTC has to update their Sense UI before you can even update your Android OS. HTC is a hardware company. They will be sooooooooo slow in doing that it will infuriate you. In fact, there is a good chance that you may not even be able to get the updated Android OS because there is a good chance that HTC won't bother submitting the update. Why would they? There is no financial incentive for them to do so. They make hardware, not software.
  8. clokwork

    clokwork Member
    Thread Starter

    Indeed you are correct.
  9. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    but apparently theres a way to get it without having the ui...therefor, you wouldnt have to wait for htc to update if you have a "bootleg" version. lol
  10. Nashdroid

    Nashdroid Android Expert

    Yeah, from what I've seen in the Android hacking world, there is a way to get the best of both worlds. However, I'd take Sense UI over stock Android, based on what I've seen thus far, anyday! It's just so smooth and beautiful! I'm hooked after playing with the Eris!
  11. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    it is quite sexy lol
  12. helicooper

    helicooper Member

    You are correct. But all that new hardware they make will need new software versions. They might not intentionally update sense for your old crusty phone but they upgrade it to put on their new phones and it trickles down. Yeah it will take longer but minus the 1.6-2.0 jump there have not been vast improvements in android anyway.
  13. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    You're right, but I think if you get the latest Android yourself by rooting the device. I got no idea how to do that, but I heard that it wasn't all that hard. There's instructions on the internet. Anyway, I am not totally sure you have to root your device, but I think you have too if you want to do-it-yourself and put the latest Android OS on there. But the bad thing is that you don't have the phone manufacturer's supported version of that Android OS. And so with HTC, you don't get their jazzy Sense UI laid on top of the Android OS.
  14. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Android Expert

    I've got a HTC Hero, and I am actually running an AOSP ROM (stock android). Sense UI is nice at first, but it is quite intensive on the hardware, and to be honest there is only two things I miss: The keyboard (which is the best I have used IMHO) and the smartdialing. But I think the the stock android runs quicker, and it also looks better too.

    As for the delays, it can be frustrating. We were stuck on Android 1.5, which ment, no googles, no navigation, no proper Bluetooth... we were promised an update to 2.0, but haven't heard anything since september. Because HTC have to tinker so much with the sense ui it take a long time to get any updates, and I now I have a standard ROM, I am much happier with the phone in general
  15. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    I think there is a keyboard in the Android market called the "Better keyboard" or something like that. People that favor the iPhone keyboard over the Android keyboard would probably like it. It is similar to the iPhone keyboard in that it has more space between the keys. You can choose the color of the keys also.
  16. Ruben

    Ruben Android Expert

    Is there anyway to get a multitouch keyboard??
  17. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    It would be nice to see multitouch in a browser so you can zoom in and out intuitively. However, why would you want multitouch in a keyboard? You can only click on one key at a time.
  18. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    Shift+a key. Or pressing one letter then another even though both arepressed at the same time allows for fasting typing.
  19. prowler63

    prowler63 Newbie

    I would have to disagree. Comming from the g1 to the nexus one was a huge improvement! Just about every aspect of the os has some form of improvement. IMO some things are even better than the sense UI. (Image gallery/ video player, animated wallpapers, facebook integration in contacts and messaging, multitouch in 3rd part apps,). Hold a N1 next to a hero and there is no contest.
    Oh, and there is multitouch in the N1's keyboard.

    Yes, sense will eventualy have all these features and more, but when? By the time sense gets upgraded to 2.1, my nexus one will probably have 2.5(the droid too).

    Android is evolving too fast for these third party overlays.It works great for winmo because the os bearly gets updates.
  20. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    Yeah you're taking it a bit far. Last I checked there is not delay in the Droid Eris getting its 2.1 update in Q1 of this year which means it could get updated before the N1 comes out on Verizon.
    Now its true you wont get Sense on every little Android update. But HTC seems to be doing a good job (skipped 2.0 and went straight to 2.1). Keep in mind carriers have a say in upgrades.
  21. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    I wondered the same thing awhile back and then realized that when you're typing with your thumbs, multi-touch allows the registration of a soft key you hit with your right thumb before you lift your left thumb (and vice versa). This becomes an issue for fast typing if you don't have multi-touch. You end up with missed input just about every other keystroke.
  22. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    What's a soft key?

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