Help sense widgets alternative


so, i switched to launcher pro because i like the bottom layout better, but am having some trouble finding alternatives to some of the sense widgets.

i went with beautiful widgets to get my weather/clock, but is there anything that replicates the People widget with the pictures and all?

what other sense widgets have you found suitable replacements for?


I used Pure Calendar as a replacement before I started using LauncherPro. It works great. The only thing I wish it had was the day view to have a widget that only shows today's event. I liked to put that under the main calendar. I'm weird like that.
The android calendar widget only shows current day.
With dolphin hd browser you can use their bookmarks widget its smaller but does the trick, Also mixing (paid version) has nice widgets and you can control it from the lock screen.


i would like to know this also. all i really want is the calender widget.

"Jorte" (also free)

Not sure if you guys have heard of this calendar at all but its great with launcher pro.. has a few different widget styles too.. and syncs up with my google calendar with no problems.


Anyone find a replacement for HTC People? I absolutely love that widget, but it won't work with Launcher Pro. There's a "Contacts! Widget" which looks promising, but it doesn't seem to like HTC phones.


i want them to update launcherpro so that you can use htc widgets, love the friendstream and calendar widgets, not to mention the mobile networks toggle


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thats awesome, god knows how many times ive looked at that screen and never paid attention to it. I let a guy know on another thread your advice,

He said launch sense, and just have the 3g toggle, it works and i was gonna do that but this is almost as good as the damn widget!

Thank you my friend, thank you very much lol

Thats awesome but a guy just replied with an even easier idea!!!!!!

Hold power button, then you have a option to turn 3g on and off right there, freekin excellent,

just setup my black slate with one widget tho, but this way i dont need sense running in the background!


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The best widget ever is the Sense News widget...having all my rss news feeds right there on a homescreen. Miss that one the most..Friendstream is nice too. But does anyone know of another rss app that has a widget that works like the Sense News widget? I've tried a couple and it will show one story then you hit an arrow to go to the next one. That's useless, easier to just go into the app so you can see more than one story at a time.