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Sense ???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MrPeter1985, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I know its a HTC EVO thing, but has anyone gotten it working on other phones?

    I would love to have it on my TU. I did manage to get a working launcher but thats it.

    I would love the whole theme. (slider, launcher, lock screen, etc...)

    Anyone know? Can it be ported? TIA




    App screen...


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  2. kolosus

    kolosus Android Expert

    Sense is not a HTC Evo thing. It is a HTC thing.

    It is a "user interface" built on top of Android to give it a unique "HTC" feel. It is also present on HTC W7 phones.

    HTC has Sense.
    Motorola has Motoblur.
    Samsung has Pure Breeze (I think it used to be called Touchwiz)

    That should give you a starting point. But most of these user interfaces built on top of android are proprietary... Meaning that if you wanted to port a particular user interface to a different branded phone you'd have to reverse engineer the product.

    I think the different companies are making their own version of android to inspire brand loyalty in end users. I mean if you pickup an android phone from Samsung or and android phone from Motorola then they'd be the same... but introduce a user interface and you'll get customers who do not like Sense but love MotoBlur or vice versa.

    Long story short you're probably asking for too much! But good luck.
  3. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, but I already knew that.

    I was just asking if its possible to get it on non HTC phones.

    Motoblur is also only on Motorola phones.

    And the new Pure Breeze is different. It's just a UI created by Samsung. Not like Touchwiz and come preinstalled. Any Device can get Pure Breeze.

    I really like Sense but Boost doesn't have any HTC phones yet. And I'm not going through the trouble of flashing and EVO to Boost.

    Looks like I'll just stick with the launcher for now.
  4. MacKHAroni

    MacKHAroni Member

    sense is not all that. i got mytouch 4g slide and sometimes sense lag
  5. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I managed to find a Sense lock screen that works pretty good.

    WidgetLocker has it.

    It also allows widgets in the lock screen for quick access.
  6. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Android Enthusiast

    Yeah you can find seprate apps that give you certain things from sense but I havent found a sense launcher yet

    Sense Analog Clock in the market is an awesome evo like clock to add to your system. its actually the best (by Far) I have found in the market yet. It has all kinds of features and skins and themes. Give it a shot If you havent found it yet
  7. bmfc187

    bmfc187 Newbie

    Id be willing to try to port sense to the TU...we'd need to find an HTC device with the same architecture and screen resolution and such, and then find somebody that has one we could get the proprietary files from...If I knew what device we needed I'm sure I could find somebody over at xda to get a system dump from. I was actually thinking about doing this anyway, I was gonna build an AOSP rom for TU (still might) but then I thought, if I can get a system dump off a similar htc device, I could totally have a samsung with senseUI! Sometimes its hard to get sense rom running on non htc devices, but I'm willing to work on it, anybody know of a HTC device that is basically the same as the TU?
  8. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Android Expert

    Until we get sense working on the ultra i'll be releasing a sense theme, even though i hate sense loll
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  9. iTransform

    iTransform Newbie

    dude, can you please upload the apk for the HTC Sence launcher you got?
  10. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

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  11. iTransform

    iTransform Newbie

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