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Separating wallpapers from caller IDs from camera pics in Eclair/2.1?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Deleted User, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Not sure if this has been asked before, but the "similar threads" aren't similar at all... Anyway, when I go to set my wallpaper, for instance, I see all my caller ID pics. I really shouldn't have to sort through the faces of all my contacts in order to change my wallpaper, should I?

    I suppose camera pics would be okay to use as wallpaper, since it's the same aspect ratio (as opposed to 1:1 for caller ID pics) but I'd prefer to filter them. I make my own wallpapers... well, I take wallpapers I have, and crop them to the correct aspect ratio (and cut off edges, sometimes). I have some professional-quality wallpapers, too.

    Also, with regards to quality, the ones I make aren't quite as sharp as the ones that come with the phone. I'm cropping and resizing to 320x260 or whatever the phone's native resolution is. Should I not be doing that? Should I leave them at whatever size? Will this benefit the image? Cost me battery life?

    Lastly, should I be posting them here? I can post the ones that aren't obviously copyrighted (e.g. the two House, MD wallpapers I made for my wife), that shouldn't be a problem. One's green with an artsy swirl design similar to the default US Cellular one (but not based on it); the other is the moon and Earth, with the moon only visible on the left screen. (The others are the two House, MD wallpapers and one for Rock Band 2. I don't really like either, though, as important details are obscured by icons.)


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