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Well as of yesterday my phone has stopped being able to send or receive any sort of messages via text. On top of all this the ability to call or get calls has gone as well. When I call it just continuously says "dialing number" and that's it. When someone calls me on their end it just rings and rings and on my end it never rings at all. I've done everything possible to try and sort this. Cleared every cache I can, reflashed stock ROM, reflashed superrom, as well as other things. So I have tried to troubleshoot it as well as searching high and low on Google and found others with the issue or similar issues but none of the fixes helped and some of the threads didn't have any solutions. Any and all input is welcomed.


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pay your bill, lol. JK

That sounds like a boost problem or your radio is broken. Sounds like it may be out of your control is all I am trying to say...assuming your bill is paid :)


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well hate to burst your bubble but even inactive phones will dial and redirect you to customer service... your radio is most likely done for, either that or your radio just isnt getting as good of a signal as it should. try it somewhere you get full bars, and heres a good question, are you even getting any bars?


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Go to dialer and type ##72786# your phone will auto reboot and automatically reactivate the phone with boost . If that doesnt work Call zte and prepare your phone for repair.