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Serious App issues

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by HungGarTiger, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. HungGarTiger

    HungGarTiger Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Have done some research on my issue so am editing my thread.

    I had a problem with multiple apps running for now reason, so after research and realising thats the way Android runs I guess I have to live with it.

    I do have a problem with one app though 'maps' this is constantly eating into my data limits, I live in China so maybe we have odd rules here about this stuff. But I seem to have a GPRS limit and even when I don't use the app my data runs over this limit by as much as 50% leaving me to be charged around 20-30 yuan ($4-5) a day. Is there anyway I can stop this app from running when I don't ask it too? I have turned off wifi and GPS in location setting but it is constantly downloading data, when I force close is opens back up immediately and continues transferring stuff...

    thank you

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  2. You might want to consider rooting your phone and uninstalling Maps.

    Of course rooting brings its own problems and risks!
  3. Eric Chomier

    Eric Chomier Newbie

    Well this means you are paying for not running your internet. The problem can either be with your app or your internet service. Try installing another app for the same purpose and using it to see if that happens again. IF the problem still persists please try asking your internet service provider then.

    hope it helps solve your problem.

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