Help Serious browser problems


I'm on the Xoom, version 3.1. About once in every five times I go to open the browser (the stock browser, because I like the experimental browser menu), my wallpaper will go black and then my screen will start to flash like I'm at a strobe-party. I hit the home button, and it stops. If I try again within 2-3 seconds, the same thing happens. If I wait for a good 5 seconds, it all acts normal. It really freaked me out the first time it happened because I thought my Xoom was broken! I've tried clearing the history/cache/what-have-you, to no avail.

I've tried dolphin, Firefox, safari, and a few other browsers. I kinda hated them all and only used them about once. I guess I feel like the stock browser should work just fine, but hey. I'm willing to be wrong.

Just a side note, I love this thing. SO glad I didn't listen to by boyfriend about getting an iPad or iPad 2. He kind of resents me for it, go figure.