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Serious Facebook contact issue.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alinaeem, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. alinaeem

    alinaeem Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My hero's been running the fresh rom flawlessly for the past few months. The battery had been fine, been averaging 30 hours on a full charge or so.

    I left my phone off the the charger last night and would still usually find it to be 40-50%.
    However, I was was surprised to find the battery completely drained. No big deal I think, but then I get a low memory warning. Fine I say, so i delete a bunch of unused apps.

    While uninstalling apps, I updated a few including a few storm8 games (no issue with them), and the infamous new facebook update (1.3.1, i guess this was the update to fix battery drain issues, I had the new update installed previously). So I try to compose a message using handcent, and the phone refuses to open contacts, nor display or search contacts while I'm typing. So i try the stock messaging app and the same problem. I try opening contacts through the regular people tab, and the phone takes about 2-3 minutes just to open it. On further inspection I noticed that each facebook contact had multiple entries linked, not the usual 2-3 but about 10-15 per person.

    So i tried to change views to possibly eliminate all those duplicates, and here's something interesting:

    com.facebook.auth.login:- 19939
    google contacts :- 450
    Phone contacts:- 72

    At first I thought my google contacts were syncing repeatedly, but it turns out the facebook contacts were the one to blame.

    Any suggestions or workarounds? I hope I don't have to reset because of this :(

    Update2: I've decided to delete the duplicates manually, the stock app takes too long, so I downloaded the app contact remover.
    Update3: Big Fail, contact remover only let me delete the duplicates that werent linked to gmail contacts. The ones that were linked didnt show up. Refer to post #5 in this thread for how i resolved this

  2. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Android Expert

    WOw, I just discovered this like 10 mins ago myself, even made a thread a moment ago, lol. But it definitely has ALL to do with the Facebook update. What you need to do in the facebook app is open the main page and go into settings, from there you scroll down to "other settings" and for Sync Contacts choose "don't sync", I discovered facebook for HTC Sense does this already so no need to have the app do it too. Once I did this my internal memory jumped up about 17 mbs! Hope this helps.
  3. alinaeem

    alinaeem Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the tip, that was one of the first things I did. But It seems like facebook synced contacts multiple times over and over again. I've now uninstalled the facebook update, but still no solution for fb contacts added repeatedly. The lag continues :(
  4. trueblue71

    trueblue71 Lurker

    This seems to be a glitch in the latest Facebook app for Android. Other people were complaining about it on their FB page and my Droid X was doing the same thing. Disable Contacts sync through the official app and that should get rid of all the entries (including the originals). If you want to keep new contacts auto added through the FB app you'll have to wait for the update.
  5. alinaeem

    alinaeem Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Another update:

    I followed steps from an older forum (sorry, can't find it now)

    Basically i removed my facebook account (Settings>Accounts & sync)
    opened contacts and phone (apparently this step is to force the phone to update contacts)
    add facebook account again and untick sync contacts

    I have to say though, after these steps, it took my phone about 15 hours to come back to normal. During this time, the contacts, and phone was unresponsive. Facebook had duplicated 20000 contacts.
  6. scottmbolt

    scottmbolt Android Enthusiast

    I uninstalled the P.O.S. Facebook update, and I will now only access FB through the browser site until they can get their shit together.
  7. imortlnoctrn

    imortlnoctrn Newbie

    on mine, when i go to contacts and to view, it says that i have 82 facebook contacts, and 89 google. i untick facebook, and everything after 'k' disappears, and there are far fewer than 89 showing. this has been happening since i got the 2.1 upgrade; my contacts were backed up to gmail, but seem to never have ported back all the way. i didn't personally do this, the guy at the sprint store did.

    i'm also not fond of how facebook takes over everything in my contacts. i have personal pictures set for people, and no matter what their facebook profile image shows up.
  8. TampaMike

    TampaMike Newbie

    We were about to wipe the phone....
    Thank you for this problem solver !!!!
  9. Zinja

    Zinja Member

    If I go into Menu>Settings>Manage Applications can I clear my Contact Data of 32 MB without losing my contacts that google syncs?
  10. holtstile

    holtstile Lurker

    Go into Menu>Settings>Manage Applications and clear Contact Data mine was 26.1 MB and my phone was extremely slow. I synced my google contacts only after this and I have 190 and only 560Kb used a huge improvement Facebook contacts were synced over and over until it caused an overload but its an easy fix!
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  11. Zinja

    Zinja Member

    Won't that delete my contacts?
  12. jimdroid

    jimdroid Android Expert

    It will, but when your phone resyncs with gMail you will get them all back on your phone.

    To be safe, before you delete Contact Data, export All Contacts in gMail to a file, so you have a backup just in case.
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  13. dannyb33

    dannyb33 Lurker

    Love this forum! I was wondering what was suddenly killing my phone, and you guys solved it for me in just a couple of seconds. Thanks to all!
  14. poland626

    poland626 Well-Known Member

    um, what if I go into my facebook app and that sycn option under other settings isn't there?

    I decided to go to Accounts & Sync and just delete the facebook account but that didn't do anything. any tips?

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