Help Serious settings needed!


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So my battery will not last half a day...I know what you are thinking...another battery thread. I have read all that I can, and just don't get it.

Here are my readings/results from today:
Unplugged at 8am. By 5pm these are my readings.
6% battery left - Battery Left Widget at Accurate
-Display on for 32m35s
-Calls on for 6m20s
-Standby on for 9h22m18s
-7% without signal
-Idle on for 8h49m43s
My brightness is always around 9%
My battery reads in the 39xxmV reading
Data push enabled with fetch schedule every hour.
2 gmail accounts (no vibrate or noise notification)
1 hotmail account (no vibrate or noise notification)
Facebook on refresh every 4 hours
Launcher Pro
Beautiful Widgets on 3 hour refresh interval no geolocation
No live wallpaper
JuiceDefender (free) enabled

I did not use Pandora, no WiFi, no bluetooth, GPS is off, 6 texts, and about 4 minutes of playing Trap.

Live things on my home screens
Screen 1 - Switch Pro, Battery Left, and JuicePlotter
Screen 2 - Dictionary
Screen 3 - Calendar
Screen 4 - (Home screen) Beautiful Widgets
Screen 5 - Nothing live
Screen 6 - Pandora (Haven't touched it in a few days...)
Screen 7 - Nothing live

I've read people using their phones moderately heavily and still have 40% after 9 hours of use.

Also, my Battery Left does not match up with the stock battery numbers. The battery left widget had 7% listed, and when I plugged in the phone to charge it stated 15%

What else should I check to see killing my battery? No task killer running. I've heard that Beautiful widgets can kill a battery, but I've experienced the terrible battery life since before BW...Also I've heard that bad batteries often have voltages over 5000mV.

I am updated to 1.13.604.MB810. Non-rooted.


IDK what you've been reading but "moderately heavy" use probably won't last more than 10 hours on the average droid x. You're not getting that bad of charge life although it's not the best. Anything that has a constant cpu load and eats up ram will obviously uses up power, so beautiful widgets would lower battery life. The amount I don't know, it's all dependent on the load it requires. I'd suggest you get a task killer to to kill off apps after you're done with them. I suggest you keep rolling with what you got until something changes.


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By moderately heavy, i'm talking people making multiple calls, loads of texting, facebook, listening to music, and browsing the net. I am doing obscenely minimal things and getting nasty results.

A verizon wireless store might be in order to try and get a new battery.

Also, I just installed spare parts, so lets see what that says tomorrow.


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Thread starter I battery life was better since I ran Pandora for half the day. But I still don't know how to read Spare Parts...what should I look at, how do I see what may be keeping it awake?