Service menu language + sensor calibration


Hi all!

One and a half year ago I bought a Zopo C2 android phone for my wife as a present. The first day she sat on it and broke the screen. I bought a new screen, changed it (easy) but afterwards the proximity sensor needed calibration as the screen turns black when calling.

Since there is no place for sensor calibration within the normal menues, I used volume down + power on to go into the service menu where sensors normally may be calibrated. But it was in Chinese! Before I managed to exit, I had even managed to de-calibrate the g-sensor so now the "auto rotate screen" does not work either.

My questions are:

1. Is the service menu a part of the ROM or is it like BIOS on a PC that has to be flashed apart from the ROM? (I have downloaded new ROM and installed it, but the service menu is still chinese).

2. Are there any other way to calibrate the proximity sensor and g-sensor? I have not succeded in finding any compatible apps for this and there is no sensor calibration in the android menues.

Anyone with some knowledge on this?