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Service Mode, Hidden Stuff ... NO dialing!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by skettiohs, Jul 25, 2013.

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    I'm not a developer, and honestly don't know what most of this stuff is used for. I couldn't find this stuff ANYWHERE googling for it, at least for this phone, so I'm posting it here. My phone's not rooted or any of that jazz, and all I used was my thumb and a couple apps. I've tried the secret code dialer stuff, but have yet to see it work on this phone. I hope someone finds this useful.

    1) Install Nova Launcher (to launch activities) and also Hidden Menus (Craig Newell; secret code library and sender that works for some things).

    2) Launch Activities. Most won't work. I've tried a lot and have yet to see any adverse effects on my phone.

    3) Some things work in the code sender app that I couldn't launch otherwise. Most of them don't seem to do anything. the dmmode code worked, as did stealthmode and some others.

    Go to Activities with Nova Launcher, go down to Service mode (NOT Factory Mode) and launch BatteryStatus. On the Physical keyboard, hit the right arrow twice, and you're there. Use the menu button for navigation, hit back on that first to find actual choices.

    UltraCfg and Kies on the Activities have plenty of USB options, including Mass Storage Mode.

    There's a FactoryCTRL shortcut that launches a fake calculator app. Maybe that's where to enter the super secret spy codes? If you slide the keypad, there's a button 'behind' it.

    If you launch Personalization from Perso, it says Network UnLock and Enter Control Key. I choose to enter nothing and hit Dismiss, as I do like my phone.

    There are Customizable and Customized Key(s) Activities, and another one called Quick Launch. They all seem to work, but I don't know what to long press for the one that asks. Quick launch assigns shortcuts to [search] + [letter or number], and one will add a shortcut to that list, for 'search plus dash' (my own notation...) which works out 'search + fn + R. These shortcuts work on the physical keyboard.

    A lot of this stuff works, and I've noticed messing around with it that it seems to be the things every other phone uses the dialer to launch. A lot of it works, but only when another hidden menu launches it. Some of it gives permission denied, and some of it just isn't for this phone (there's a lot for the SPen). Have fun!

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