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Aug 4, 2012
I bought my phone in Bridgeport,CT and my programmed "MEID" # is 2032434866 I tried changing this and lost all connection to network. I am looking for other people to post their MEID #'s and city locations. I am from New Haven,CT but bought phone in Bridgeport and they programmed it to Bridgeport. Im trying to get connected to a closer tower and hopefully improve network speeds.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
i know how to change my prl, but havent had any improvement by doing so. I was just trying to change my meid to my county to maybe reduce ms ping time and maybe that would help with speeds.
That stands for mobile identification number. It's what is assigned to you when you activated it. ONLY boost will be able to change that. You see? Its not the same as your phone number but its the area code. Kinda like a routing number.