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Serving MP4 with Apache2.2 for Windows

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alfadog67, May 15, 2011.

  1. alfadog67

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    I have a rooted Continuum 2.1u1, and I use the default built-in browser.

    When I got to touch.dailymotion.com and click on a video, a video player turns on and the video plays (if it's an video/mp4 mime-type).

    What video player is it that's loading from there?

    I want my own site to cause this particular player to open, but as it stands, an mp4 from my site causes the "Video Player" app to open instead.

    Here're a few things I've deduced so far:
    This "special" player opens with Plugins enabled or disabled.
    It's not the "Video Player" app, which loads when I open or click a link to an mp4 from my own site.
    When I click "Play" in dailymotion.com, the task manager shows only the browser as an active app, so I figure it's an extension of the default browser itself that's playing the video.
    Is there some special header being sent from dailymotion.com that's causing the special player to open?

    I'm sending the video/mp4 mimetype from my server, but when I link to an MP4 from my phone, the "Video Player" app opens - not the same one as from DailyMotion.com.

    What headers do I need to send with my Apache 2.2 to make that particular "special" player open on my android when opening an mp4?


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