Set Up Accounts

Android Bionic

I am trying to set up my accounts using the "set up accounts" screen and it allowed me to set up my gmail, yahoo mail but wont let me set up photo bucket, you tube, or twitter.

I keep getting a " A error occered please try again" message. Any idea why that is? I could set facebook by getting to it through the browser but that is just inconvenient.

Any ideas whats up with it? I am fully stock out of the box not rooted...

Thanks in advance.


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Hello and welcome to Android Forums! :)

I'm surprised it let you setup Yahoo. There have been a lot of issues trying to sync Yahoo mail natively. The other accounts must be setup within their respective apps.


I have a similar challenge. My company has allowed us to use Lotus Notes Traveler on our smart phones (mine is a Bionic), and I tried to use "Setup Account" within the Add Account button for My Accounts to get it in the Universal Inbox with Text Messages, Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail. The Lotus Notes app icon shows up and the screen says "tap the icon to set it up" does nothing. So I have everything in one place, except for Lotus Notes email...need to keep the icon on my home screen to get that email.

Any ideas?

It would be great to get my messaging into one bucket.