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I would like to Set a variable with a portion of text beginnig at
Third line of the entire text. The text is in Tasker's %SMSRB
It is a SMS from an alarm company.
The position also begins after the third "M" (FRM, MSG , and then AM or PM)
Carriage returns 2+ might work

MSG: 02/14/2016 9:18 AM
Disarmed by Master User mfracher Set Variable beginnig at "Disarmed....."

I figured out what Variable split really means so
Set Var %ret "to enter"
Set Var %text to %SMSRB
Variable Split using %ret ='s %text breaks out as %text1 %text2 %text3
%text3 contains the third line of the SMS message . That's the one I want.
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This sample will select the third line ...

A1: Variable Set [ Name:%test To:One
Three more
Four Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]
A2: Variable Set [ Name:%ret To:
Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]
A3: Variable Split [ Name:%test Splitter:%ret Delete Base:Off ]
A4: Flash [ Text:%test3 Long:Off ]

... the value of %ret is a single tap of the enter key.

... Thom


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Excuse my NooB , but I;m very new to Tasker. My PC has an "ENTER" key.
When in Tasker ( post and steps say "just press Enter". Where is the Enter key in Tasker?
I assume it is the <-! key but ????
I use SwiftKey and the key is a left arrow. Return key. Enter key.

I always called the variable &crlf that I read as Carriage Return Line Feed.

If you look at the stirring in what I posted you will see that it breaks onto a new line.

In Tasker you can assign it to a variable and then use the variable in various locations. Entering text strings in some Tasker variables is terminated when you hit that same key.

Defining the variable in each task where they are used is a good practice because they are then self contained.

... Thom