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setcpu without custom rom

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tds187, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. tds187

    Thread Starter

    so do you guys use setCPU the free app without custom roms?

    if you do how is your phone working, are you using scaling on demand? do you keep your phone 245/600 or do you keep it 600full and switch to 245full when u want to save battery? :)

  2. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User

    stock with a custom kernel, or with a custom ROM I set mine at 245/and highest stable setting I can run on my phone ;) which in this case is 768Mhz. And I use one of the smartass governors.
  3. tds187

    Thread Starter

    whats youradvantage using the kernel/governer? is it just to overclock. and do u run t at 768 100% or 245 idle 768 scaling?

    im fixing minor problems with my phone like the stupid voicemail notification and trying to work around the crash/reboots, not sure if i should do anything more than mess with cpuset and root :(

    definately dont want a custom rom because i cant even handle reading the instructins with all the spam posts in between and dont want to risk ruining my fone

    either way this forum is great and the people are nice that help :D

    edit - im using cpumaster not cpuset
    AnTuTU CPU Master Free v1.9
  4. undacova

    undacova Android Enthusiast

    Having a custom rom is worth the effort learning how. If you are already rooted you just need to install a recovery, make a backup, and flash a rom. For 99 cents you can get FlashimageGUI and flash the recovery easily with one click from within an app. Once you have a custom recovery flashing a rom is just a few button presses...

    You would need a recovery to install the overclocked kernel so you would be 90% of the way to a custom anyways...
  5. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Android Enthusiast

    read the mostly noob proof guide. it will give you alot of help and places tog o.. as for the revocery.. i recommend using the http://androidforums.com/getitnowmarketing/330813-all-one-recovery-thread.html
    as it us fully functional and works with EXT. from there u have a plethora of ROMS to choose from.. Reppards, Playfulgods and Bobz are great all CM7 based with their own personal tweaks added.. joneidys Sense Rom is also a very nice rom that preserves all the functionality of stock, while not retaining the metro bloatware crap. and as always if you would like more storage for apps so ur not constanly running out of space and trying to figure out what apps to uninstall, you should definately use an EXT3 partition and flash [Script][A2SD] Darktremor Beta 04 [N1] (01/29/2011) - xda-developers if the a2sd script is not included in your ROM of choice. always read the posts for each ROM and follow the flashing instructions.. once you have done it a time or 2, it'll be like riding a bike.
  6. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User

    CWM is fully functioning and works with ext4 too, plus allows to to partition the sdcard for ed-ext to use with DT's a2sd ;)
  7. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User

    the governors do just that, that govern how the cpu ramps up to speed, how it idles etc. Ones like smartass and smartass2 are pose to help with battery life.

    And info on my ROMs are on my wiki too w/o spam getting in the way of reading ;)
  8. ChazzMatt

    ChazzMatt Android Enthusiast

    No you do not need custom ROM to use SetCPU. But you do need to be rooted.

    When I had SetCPU installed (for several months), I used 600MHz when in use and half that when on screen saver. Figured it didn't need any more when I'm not using it. I did have it even lower on screen saver but it was not always responsive when I was trying to use my security pattern to unlock it. The CPU was lagging too much. So, I boosted the screensaver CPU MHz.

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