setting default sms app?

i installed go sms and currently i have the stock messaging app and go both picking up on incoming messages. ive tried to figure out how exactly to select one as the default but so far im coming up with nothing.

i did check to see if either had any defaults set and neither do. anyone know how to set the default messaging app?


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i did find one thread that didnt show up in my search attempt about just disabling notifications from the stock messaging app and that way you wont get the notifications from both, but that doesnt actually stop the stock app from running which is what im actually after.

which, maybe thats just not possible?


From My Cold Dead Hands
The go sms app runs on top of the stock app. All you can do is disable the stock app's notifications, as no app replaces the android messaging app. It is the same with any separate app you will download. All they really have is more customizations than the stock one.