Mar 19, 2022
Hi I'm new to the forums. Also I'm a bit outdated when it comes to PCs and mobiles in general.

I'm looking to put Kodi on my firestick using a PC.

I'm also looking for a good ready made build to put on it.

By good I mean I want all the free stuff I can possibly get on it. Free movies. Free TV/Sky channels. Free pay per view sports events (football/boxing/UFC). Free porn. Etc etc.

If anyone could either help me with a guide to doing this. Or take me through it I'd be very greatful.

I know people that do it for like £50 but I'm sure it would be possible to do myself.

I have access to a PC, a firestick, and several mobile phones.

Thanks in advance.
What else are you looking to pirate?
Do you even bother to read our forum rules?
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