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Setting up ringtones in JB

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eugeth20, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. eugeth20

    eugeth20 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey buddies,

    I've upgraded my Razr Maxx to JB 4.1.2, but since they removed the Motorola Music app and just kept the Play Music app, how can I set a custom ringtone now?

    Thanks for helping.

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  2. shelland

    shelland Well-Known Member

    I admit I didn't even know it could be done through the Music app (not sure I've even used it to be honest).

    I've always done it here: Settings / Sound / Phone Ringtone

    If you want a custom ringtone for an individual, you can do that through the contacts app (or whatever it's called - I don't use the stock app and can't remember the name).
  3. Rogus

    Rogus Newbie

    Just make sure your custom ringtones are saved on your device and not your SD card or else, when you plug your phone into your computer, you will lose all your ringtone assignments including the global default ringtone if it was on the SD card.
  4. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands

    I tell everyone Ringdroid. It's bar none the best ringtone app there is. And it saves them to the SD card. Try it, you'll be a convert.
  5. eugeth20

    eugeth20 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everybody. It's such a revelation that my music has to be on the internal memory and not on SD card... that's why I couldn't fix my issue until now. ;)
    About Ringdroid, I tried it, but it looks like that it'll create a new file when you select a file to be cut, and I'm not so friendly with multiple copies... :)

    Just for knowledge, is it just my device has become power hungrier after upgrading or is it a common fact?
  6. CharlieD

    CharlieD Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I just discovered that. I have custom ringtones and notifications on my external card. Just did a FDR. Upon powering up, those sounds were available. After pluging into my laptop, doing something, and then unplugging from the laptop, those were no longer available. This worked fine on ICS. Guess I'll have to copy them to the appropriate folders on the internal memory.

  7. CharlieD

    CharlieD Well-Known Member

    Ok, so i copied my custom ringtones from my external card to the Ringtones directory on the internal memory. Now they don't show up at all. Any idea why? They are mp3 format. Do they need to be something else?
  8. I think the system finds them when you do a power on. Try poser off/power on and see if they appear.

    (This is NOT a Factory Data Reset this is a power off/power on.)

    ... Thom

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