Dec 14, 2009
I've managed to find out that the settings I need to make the internet etc available on my pulse on orange are as below:

Name: Orange GPRS WAP
APN: orangewap
Port: 8080
Username: Orange
MCC: 234
MNC: 33
APN type: default
Leave all the other options blank

However when I choose a network ("Orange" doesn't always come up, though there are 3g and 2g ones which I an select) and then select "APN" I just get a blank screen with no fields to populate. What am I doing wrong?
Hi Cynical

The settings to add a new APN to your phone are found here:

Settings --> Wireless Controls --> Mobile Networks --> Access Point Names --> Then hit the menu button and select New APN.

By default, it's set to web'n'walk (at least it is on mine), so once you've put in the new APN, you should be able to select that instead. Give that a go and it probably should just work, let us know how you get on.

Now I just need to delete my test APN which I don't want....
Cheers :eek: "my other touchscreen device is an ipod touch" and I can't get used to hard buttons doing stuff.

Works a treat now.