Help Settings reset after battery dies

I've had some phone settings reset to default after my battery has died. Other apps, such as the camera, gave me new user tips for the first time since I updated to Kit Kat.

My Virgin Mobile ringtone is gone.

App icons that I used to have at the bottom of the lock screen are gone (and I can't figure out how to get them back). Plus, lock screen widgets are disabled.

I feel like this has happened more than once with different settings being affected each time my battery has died over the last few days.

Have any of you had or heard of this problem and what might be going on?

Is my phone simply giving me the go ahead to snap up a Black Friday deal?!


Wow... I can see that this is an Old thread, but my 601 is doing EXACTLY the same thing!! At first it started by changing the ring tone, after I changed it a couple of times, (after battery dies) then it changed other settings, like when I'm texting, it is texting in English, but it gives me options for other languages (Spanish and French, that I have as alternate keyboards).
What I miss the most, are the icons at the bottom of the lock screen (phone, messages, camera, internet) also, I was able to swipe the lock screen on the top right and I had setup the calculator APP. that swipe feature is gone.
Several little features are missing now. Also at the beginning, I noticed little arrows with help pointers on several screens.
Were you able to fix this at all?? Thank you. Click


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I forgot that I had even had this problem!

I don't use that phone anymore, but went on to use it for almost another year. I think I simply did a factory reset and became more vigilant about not letting the battery die.
I just encountered this issue on my HTC 831C, and I think I solved it. Last time my phone died I didn't lose any settings.
I disabled battery saver mode.
Settings App > Power > More > Battery saver. Hit the On/Off switch, and change Turn On Automatically to Never.