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Several GS5 problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jtinker6171, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. jtinker6171

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    Over the past couple weeks, my phone has started having several problems. The first and foremost is that the battery is draining much quicker than usual and the device heats up quickly even in my pocket when I haven't been using it. I've tried making sure extra processes were stopped and wifi was off but it still performed badly. And I'm doing nothing differently than I did when I had no problems. Additionally, several apps crash instantly, like Google Drive and Twitter, while others are fine. Alsox sometimes the screen won't turn on even though the buttons light up when I try to wake up the device. I have tried a factory reset and it seemed like it was fine at first, but now it's having the same problems. I think this is a hardware problem, specifically battery. But I'm no expert, so does anyone have experience with this kind of problem and how to fix it?

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  2. AZgl1500

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    Without holding your phone in our hands, it is difficult to diagnose these type of problems.

    I will say though, that there seems to be a lot of similar posts of folks experiencing the problem after the 4.4.4 update was released.

    I'm on VZW and did not want any updates ever, but Verizon forced them on the phone w/o my permission. I did not know about the file(s) to delete to keep that from happening until it was too late to stop the updates.

    That said, while 4.4.4 changed a lot of my features back to 'null defaults' which pissed me off, ie, eliminated my voice mail box with all the messages I was holding in it. Reset a lot of settings on the phone to their defaults....

    I lost a lot of hours just making the phone work like it did before the update occurred. However, once I got that all done, it has worked okay for me.

    My battery never gets hot (shhh!) and the only time it gets warm is on the wireless charger pad.

    As my signature implies, I use MacroDroid. MD senses the screen status and when the screen is LOCKED it turns off access to the internet (WiFi and Data) thus the phone just idles along on about 8% battery per 24 hours of non-use. Stone cold.... That will give an idle phone at least 6+ days of standby time w/o having to switch to Low Power Mode...

    And I don't do anything myself, it just happens.

    When the screen is Unlocked, MD turns on the internet and away we go, doing everything we want to do.

    I have turned OFF all of the apps that I do not use, and that is all of the bloatware and frills like Healthsense, animations, wallpapers, etc....

    I do the usual stuff daily that anyone else does, talk to people, SMS msgs, read the newspapers, watch the weather reports and the wx radar maps.

    I use a couple of GPS apps during my work days to locate road hazards and report them to the boss.... that's so you don't loose a wheel in a deep hole in the highway when you pass by my house...

    I'm on my 3rd day at present w/o a charge, but here is a recent screenshot of 22 hours use.


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