Jul 14, 2013
I have had my phone since January but I have had several problems.

-Restarts when it wants to
-Quits a program when it wants to (happened several times with internet and Tweetcaster)
-Sometimes when people have tried to call me, it said I was unavailable when actually I was available
-Doesn't receive some texts (not good when you are texting a friend and they ask about something they previously said but you didn't get the text)
-No music on SD card when actually there is (accessible through Play Music app though)
-Slow and delayed reaction sometimes

This is frustrating me so much. Hope you lot can help
1.i had only one forced restart in last 4 months(could be app conflict)
2.clean the memory and uninstall apps that you dont use.also dont run too many apps in background as the phone isnt great at that
3.i had that problem but i initiated the call and then i could be called again,also you should do a restart(not power off>on if you have "fast boot" on,the "restart" option )
4.i dont get that many texts but it doesnt seem to miss any
5. unmount>mount SD card in the settings>storage menu and wait ,the media player/gallery should refresh but give it some time .also when you restart the phone(again power off>on with fastboot isnt restart) let the phone boot up apps etc and dont kill apps in the task manager as that cant stop the media player from refreshing
i had this problem long ago but not anymore
6. check 2 ^ other than that you can install a custom rom or overclock to improve performance
overall the phone is good,it does have some quirks and problems but ,for me at least, they were fixable.
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