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Support Several questions from a smartphone newbie

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gazpach, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Hello Everybody,

    I am a smartphone newbie. I was using an 8 year old LG vx3200 until about June of this year when I decided to join the real world and get a smartphone. I went with the Samsung galaxy ace because it was cheaper and I wasn't quite sure what I would need.

    I have a few questions, and please bear with me as I am a newbie and don't really anything at all about these kinds of phones. I have managed to root it, I've done a few backups as well.

    I saw this template and will fill it in to the best of my ability. I am on Telus Mobility's pay as you go system, so I pay for all data and calls.

    Phone name: samsung galaxy ace
    Phone model number: gt-s5830d
    Android Version: 2.3.4
    Status (rooted/not rooted): rooted
    Firmware/ROM version: no idea what this is?
    Type of problem (software/hardware): bit of both?

    My first question is: My phone does not have voice dialing capabilities. I downloaded "Utter" and was really happy with it. It worked with my bluetooth device for my car. Only problem is that it requires an active internet connection.

    Is there an app or something that will allow me to have voice dialing that will work with my bluetooth machine and not require an active internet connection? I'm on a pay as you go system so the data would cost me a fortune if I left it on all the time just in the off chance I make a voice call. The Bluetooth thing I have is a Jabra Cruiser2.

    My second question is:
    My phone is constantly telling me it is out of space. I've moved all of my apps to my sd card and deleted all non essential apps from the hard drive. What in the WORLD is taking all that space up on the internal drive? is it that when the apps update the updates are going directly onto the internal drive? I've got a 32gig micro sd card that I've used 4 gig up on and the internal drive is 155mg/181mg. How do I get some more space on the phone? I've uninstalled as much as I can through titanium backup. I'm pretty much left with "clock, calendar, memo, music, camera, gallery, radio, internet, play store, calculator, samsung apps, downloads, voice search" as the preset apps on there,.

    My third question:
    I accidentally created more slides on my main screen. I'm not sure what the actual word for them are. They're the menus that you can put apps on as shortcuts that are your main screen? Like the screen you get when you unlock the phone? I started off with 2 but after hitting the menu and playing with some buttons I now have something like 5 screens. I don't need that many. I just need 3. I only want 3. how do I delete the extra home screens? I cannot find a way.

    If someone could help me that would be great. I'd really appreciate it! Please remember that I'm a total newbie when it comes to smartphones and I'm honestly not that great with computers either.




  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Android Expert

    You can see your firmware version in settings>about phone, should be something like S5830XXXX.
    Well ace is cheap because it is a low specced deviced, low ram, low internal memory and a low power processor.
    Most speech to text apps need the data connection to work, i don't there is any app that works independently. Still look at the play store, you might find something.

    Your internal memory problem is because of data and cache of the apps, its is still stored on the internal memory. Removing system apps will not free up internal memory, all it will do is erase the minute data that those apps had on internal and give you some tiny bit of more space.
    But since you are rooted and you have a big sd card, you can make another partition on the card and use it as an extension of your internal memory. I use 400mb partition on my 8gb sd card for this, essentially increases my internal memory. You can try this =>http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1476121

    Use the pinch action on the home screen with 2 fingers, it will bring all 5 screens preview up, from there long press and drag the screen you don't want to the 'trash' icon, that will delete the screen. Try the long press action amd pinch action in various places, it usually gives you another set of options or previews.
  3. Powie21

    Powie21 Newbie

    Try an app called "Voice Speed Dial" from the play store.
    There are probably others.

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