Help Several Questions, Help Needed, Please!


Hey everyone, I've just got some questions about some apps in general; I have the Droid X by the way.

1.) I have Beautiful Widgets installed, I love it, but with the new update I cannot download new skins? An error message shows where the list of skins is supposed to. Anyone else have this problem?

2.) Launcher Apps, on my friends Fascinate after he downloaded ADW Launcher, when he would press the home button, he would be asked what screen to view. On my phone, it doesn't work when I do that, the downloaded launcher overrides the default launcher. I have no defualts saved or anything. Any suggestions?

3.) Facebook Contact Pictures, Facebook is the major source for all of my contact pictures, and when I or a friend changes their profile picture, the contact picture does not update with it. Any suggestions?

4.) In your opinion, what is the best Text Messaging app?

5.) In your opinion, what is the best Launcher app?

6.) How can you connect your Droid with iTunes to sync music? I've heard of people doing it.

7.) Are there any other really neat apps or addicting games that you can suggest?

Sorry everyone, I know that I have asked a lot of questions, and any insight would be helpful! I hope everyone as a great weekend!
1) I would uninstall Beautiful Widgets and reinstall. Worth a shot. Also clear the data and cache.

2) Dowloand and install 'Home Switcher' from the market. It should do what you are referring to.

3) I'm not big into Facebook.

4) I use Gtalk, (IM) not text messaging so I don't know.

5) I have used ADW EX, LP and Go Launcher. I like them all for different reasons. I suggest you try them as well.

6) I don't know much about Itunes and the Droid X.

7) My favorite apps, too many to name, I find a new one and then after a while it becomes old, so I download more :)



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3. Download the app called SyncMyPix. It works great perfectly.

4. I really like GoSms. I used ChompSMS for 5 months and loved it but then found out about GoSMS from Steven58 and liked it a lot more. You can customize the colors and background a lot more and you can actually "search" txt messages for specific information. Ex: A friend's address or the answer to a question you already asked them days, weeks, or even months earlier.

6. I don't believe that is an option but I could be wrong.

7. Too many to list (Click the BrainApp link in my signature to see). Best advise I can give you. Think about what you need/would like your phone to do and then search for the app that can do that. If there are multiple, try them all and keep the one you like. Periodically, I search to see if there's a better app for what I currently have.