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Several Questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lord Burn, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Lord Burn

    Lord Burn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello, I've got several issues with my new LT7033D.

    1. Is there something I can do to boost the wifi receiver's ability? This thing seems to only have a range of 5-10 feet. For most of my time on the internet, I'm about 20 feet away through two walls. That said, my PC, Mac, iPod Touch, Kobo Touch, and DS Lite can all recieve from here, so its obviously the tablet. I'd prefer not rooting, but if that's the only thing that works I'm still interested.

    2. I'm pretty sure my headphone jack is out of alignment. Standard headphones fit in it right?

    If I return it, this will probably be my reason.

    3. Are there any cases or covers for this thing? Any other accessories?

    4. If I do return it to hhgregg, is there a tablet under $100 after looking at the selection on hhgregg's website, roughly around $100 and from any box store without all these issues? The main thing I want is a halfway decent wifi reciver and preferably google play.

    Also, if there is anything in general I should know about the Android Platform, I'd love to hear that too.


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  2. haldav

    haldav Lurker

    Happy New Year, Lord Burn.

    I haven't found any wi-fi boosters yet but I haven't needed them. My wife got one for Christmas from our daughter and it bricked itself so we had to return it. One of the things it did before crashing was to drop wi-fi for no reason. The one we received upon exchange is more responsive and hasn't dropped wi-fi yet.

    The Curtis Klu LT7033D is already rooted so following the instructions at http://androidforums.com/klu-lt7033...n-appstore-google-play-curtis-klu-lt7033.html will get the Amazon App Store and the Play Store up and running rather painlessly.

    The headphone jack does, indeed, accept standard headphones.

    There are no known accessories for this device (covers, cases, screen protectors, etc.) that are specifically designed for it. We'll have to make due with yet more mods of items found @ the local clearance stores.

    Through extensive research, I have found that other tablets in this price range have the exact same issues or worse. I decided to go with this one because I haven't found this much community support for the others. I was surprised at this when I researched the NextBook. After getting the Play Store on my wife's LT7033D, it is a nice bunch of tablet for a tiny $.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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