Help SG-S wonth boot to menu?? HELP!!!!


Hello got my SG-S for along time now and had it up to date.
But one day i went out and was typing a message to my friend and it threw me a bunch of errors out and i couldn't close any apps they wer crashing like crazy and i took the battery out, and putted it back in turned it on and it was stuck on the first screen SAMSUNG GALAXY S I9000 and i tryed o reflash the phone factory reset etc....Even google coldent help me :( XD hihi. Then i got a little bit further the animation of the S loaded and everything the sound i was happy at first but 10sec later the screen goes black only the two buttons that are at the bottom glow :S....

When the phone goes into reacovery mod there are bunch of errors
"Your storage isin't prepared yet please use the UI menu to reset" or something...
Tried to wipe cache/data

Has anyone got an idea:?

Greetings =)


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Sounds quite like the issue I had a few months ago, the three button factory reset sorted it. So it might be worth trying this again.