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[SGH-S959G]My Phone won't turn on anymore, can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by s2helpme, Nov 9, 2014.

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    Sorry if this is the wrong section, I couldn't find the specific forum for the phone version I have (Straight Talk/Tracfone)

    Hi, let me preface this by saying I am an idiot. For a good time my phone
    has been having issues and I've mostly just been procrastinating trying to deal with them, or get a new phone to no avail.

    I have the Straight Talk/Tracfone version of the Galaxy S2 (SGH-S959G). A couple of months ago it stopped being able to be connected to my PC through USB. Then charging became a huge hassle as I assume the charging port started to weaken or something, basically I'd have to play around with the charger and get it in a certain position for it to charge.

    Now the phone will not turn on. When I do try and power it on, the loading screen that says Samsung Galaxy S2 displays, but it never reaches the second screen. It just repeats the Samsung Galaxy S2 part 3 or 4 times and stops. It's not an issue of battery, I have two batteries for it actually and even when I do get it to charge it appears to not charge at all.

    I'm fully aware that this is probably my own fault and I might have to face the consequences, but is there anyway I can get my pictures off of the phone? It's on the phone's physical harddrive. I'm an idiot and did not back them up.

    I appreciate any troubleshooting help you can provide. Thank you.

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