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Support SGS Calendar sync etc.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deluxe, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Deluxe

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    Dec 1, 2010

    Dec 1, 2010
    Hi Kids, first time poster.

    Lemme give you the short-n-sweet. I use Google calendar to basically organise my entire life because I have the memory of a gold fish. Google sync and everything works perfectly. Calendar, Contacts, Gmail everything no problem.

    I am however having issues with Facebook calendars and would like some clarification.

    Part one!

    Here are the calendars I have: My Calendar, Google Calendars, Facebook Calendar

    (please note i switched both My Calendar and Facebook Calendar on after taking these screenshots)



    Question 1:
    Is 'My Calendar' generating birthdays from FACEBOOK or from my CONTACTS?

    Question 2:
    Facebook calendar I'm assuming is from the SYNC settings menu Facebook > Sync Calendars, yes?

    Part two!

    These next images show the problems I'm having...



    A) Birthdays under 'My Calendar' are appearing twice, on different days. WTF?

    B) Some events appear twice, for seemingly no reason. If i switch calendars off/on again, the same ones appear twice - and no I don't have them twice on facebook.

    C) All of the FACEBOOK events are occouring at 9am the day AFTER they're scheduled. For example, 'DJDAY MIX TAPE' is actually on Friday night at 10pm Friday night, but it shows up as 9am Saturday morning!
    ALL Facebook events are occouring 11 hours late.... which leads me into

    If i go INTO the event, it displays the correct time.


    Please help guys, I don't know what to do! Part of my job is an events coordinator and club organiser, I'd rather not have to make extra entries itno my google calendar to have things that should work work but only half as well as intended.

    I appreciate any and all assistance.

    Thanks, Deluxe.


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