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SGS2 NFC questions???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sapphireman, May 18, 2011.

  1. sapphireman

    sapphireman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well, just sold my Desire HD to get a SGS2, ordered it from Handtec last week, all good.......but then the next day they announce the NFC version coming to UK market in June! Don't fully understand this NFC yet as its pretty new, might not even use it, but seems a shame not to get it just for the sake of a few extra weeks. Question is will the UK NFC work here in Oz?, or is it set up for the UK market, is it carrier specific? like will it only work on O2 in the UK for instance? just want to clear these few things up so I can decide whether to just go WTF and just carry on with the Handtec order, I am totally hanging out to start playing with this new device!!....any input would greatly appreciated.....cheers:)

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  2. Uber-Duper

    Uber-Duper Member

    I'm in melbourne Oz, i'm just gonna sit back and wait til they release it here.
    Rumours are that the Oz SGS2 will have NFC built in. I'm not chancin it with a UK phone, until i'm sure the Oz one doesn't have what i want. It'll be impossible to insure unless it's purchased within australia too.

    Yeah it'll come out here end of may start of june according to telstra.
  3. sapphireman

    sapphireman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thanks Uber-duper, yeah I am starting to think the same thing, heard that the official Oz launch will be May 26th...so next thurs, gonna call Handtec tonight and put my order on hold or get a refund. Who do you use to Insure your phone?, i did have Vodafail insurance on my DHD but sold that so don't think they'll insure a different phone. Im back on my i8910hd after selling the HTC, i used to think it was great...and still kinda do, but the HTC with Android was so much better, can't wait to get the Samsung. it's gonna be a super fast monster of a phone......!
  4. leightos

    leightos Newbie

    In Oz too... bought mine from the UK.. had it already for 2 weeks, and I paid only $680 for it saving me about $300 - that'll buy me a lot of insurance. But each person has their own reasons. I can understand.

    Its also unbranded and unlocked - but no NFC. But, then I ask - just how many vendors in Australia are using the NFC...especially in my small town? Maybe I'll buy a replacement in the future w/ the NFC if that becomes popular.
  5. sapphireman

    sapphireman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Leightos....yeah mine came to $702 via DHL...still on hold at Handtec. Called them yesterday and they were very professional, said I could get a full refund at any time if needed......so just gonna sit on it for the weekend, see if there is any more Oz news about NFC, then decide next week. Read a few articles about NFC being incorporated into Micro sd cards soon.....so should be covered either way. Hows the phone so far? Is it as good as i think it's gonna be!
    Cheers mate

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