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SGS2 switch between WCDMA & GSM during call !

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 699taha, May 6, 2012.

  1. 699taha

    699taha Lurker
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    After my Nokia n8 i upgraded to Samsung galaxy s2 GT-I9100
    im really enjoying it :cool: but ....... i had a really bad problem with it, :afraid:
    the problem is when the phone is in Auto network mode (GSM\WCDMA)
    when i call some one or some one calls me during the call looks like
    the phone is changing from WCDMA to GSM or from GSM to WCDMA
    the problem is when the phone start doing this :eek: BOM ! i cant hear
    anything from the call then the call ends ! (some times it just stuck in Hanging up til i shutdown the phone) when i look at the status bar there the sing shows no network Just for a wile then signal come back again
    this dose not happen when the phone in WCDMA only or in GSM only
    but the reason i dont wanna GSM is i cant do video calls internet is slow ...etc
    and i also cant leave this on WCDMA only because there are some places
    without 3G signal !
    so can i get some help please ?

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  2. 699taha

    699taha Lurker
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    So any Idea ????:(

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