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SGT VS HTC DESIRE HD some review of users will be appreciated

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dani_filth, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. dani_filth

    dani_filth Lurker
    Thread Starter

    hey guys,i was thinking to get a new GALAXY TAB soon and wanted to make sure about some thing as it is expensive here in EGYPT. my question whatever i can use it instead of my laptop (watching movies,browsing and listening to music+ reading E BOOKS and playing with android applications) and my main question will it satisfy my needs to do so .. and is internet browsing on tab is the same speed as on my laptop? i mean is it fun to browse and use internet on it .and about reading too wanted to ask about kindle application as i heard it is the best for reading.. sorry for my lots of question and i would appreciate helpful suggestions and to say the pros and cons from your point of view as i am bored of reviews (i want a user review [​IMG] ) thanks in-advance for helping [​IMG]

    also if can anyone advice me as i was confused between GALAXY TAB VS HTC DESIRE HD .. as both have the same price here in egypt
    thanks anyways :)

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  2. nambuco

    nambuco Lurker


    I have may SGT for only one week. Tt is a great tab!!As a tab I really recommend.

    To fully replace a notebook I do not recommend. You can browse in internet but it is easier to read in a bigger screen of a notebook and also easier type. I am willing to buy the Samsung Dock with Keyboard to overcome this point. By the way, I am answering this post from my note.

    At other hand is much much easier to carry the SGT everywhere. It fits in my pants pocket (not able to sit with SGT in my pocket but it easy to carry). For email, facebook, ebook reading, newspaper reading and browsing anywhere, SGT is perfect. Despite that, I will keep using my note at home.

  3. mediyoga

    mediyoga Lurker

    Hi. I also have the Tab. I am happy with it as it gives me portability while travelling esp in airports as I dont have to lug a laptop and bring it out of my hand luggage for screening. However I would prefer an Ipad for reading esp my medical journals as the screen is bigger. But its a great piece of stuff, but not a laptop replacement. You would need to see what type of usage you would need in your daily life and then makes a decision.

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