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Shapes IO+ [Free to play & Play to earn money]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Mohammad Nazzal, May 8, 2019.

  1. Mohammad Nazzal

    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone, Shapes IO+ game is simple yet powerful
    Shapes IO Is about to catch shapes and collect them in the carrier, carrier contains (cube,circle,cone up and down). So you have to make sure the enemy shape and the carrier shape are the same to get up to score, by clicking on the carrier to change shape type, there are also abilities that helps you in the game like double coins, double gems, life and decrease the enemy speed by x1.5!

    Features :

    -How-To-Play built in.

    -Free To Play!

    -Easy to play

    -Customizable design , (Fonts, Templates, Shapes, Carriers)

    -Play to earn money!

    -Earned money can be withdrawn to PayPal, Gift-Cards.

    -Suitable for Gamers who want to purchase in-game currencies or in-game items

    -Secured transfers.

    Requirements :

    -Network availability during the play.

    Shapes IO+ On Google Play


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