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Shapewriter gone!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wooly, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. wooly

    wooly Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i recently had my phone stolen and i got my replacement today. today just happens to be the day shapewriter was taken off of the market!! i'm screwed is there any way to get this back.. like can someone upload it for download?? anything?

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  2. fortesquieu

    fortesquieu Android Expert

    Yup, yesterday was the last day.
  3. ttamnedlog

    ttamnedlog Android Enthusiast

    I'm sure it's somewhere. But I'm also sure it's illegal to distribute now, so...

    I hope they bring it back. I'll pay for it.
  4. yojoe600

    yojoe600 Android Expert

    there are ways u could find it on the internet but we can not say bc forum rules
  5. alecks2217

    alecks2217 Newbie

    Swype is in open beta again so you could download that from their website legally. I remember reading something from Shapewriter that made it sound like they will not be returning any time soon. I don't have a source though. If you're fixed on Shapewriter, I'm sure an apk will turn up somewhere. Have you tried the xda developer forum?
  6. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Android Expert

    SW is done, yeah. I seem to remember that they got bought out, so the reason the app isn't ever going to get updated is that they're working on more high-profile and professional applications. Shame, too.
  7. Tony N.

    Tony N. Member

    Was shapewriter infringing on patents?
  8. upther

    upther Android Enthusiast

    Nuance Communications is pleased to announce that ShapeWriter, Inc. is now part of Nuance. The ShapeWriter continuous touch application has joined Nuance's portfolio of patented text input solutions recognized as the industry's leading predictive text technology. As we bring Shapewriter into the Nuance family, please note that we are suspending downloads of the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile applications. Please stay tuned to this site for future product updates.

  9. zgeorge

    zgeorge Lurker

    Yes, they've been acquired by Nuance communications, which I think is a good thing, as Nuance makes a killer diction app. Diction is all that shapewriter needed. I got a beta of Swype, but prefer shapewriter. I think shapewriter is more accurate, usually gives better alternative guesses when not, and has auto caps.
  10. roninld

    roninld Member

    I was able to add it to my phone this morning via appbrain. I couldn't find it when I did a search through the regular market, but was able to download through appbrain (even though appbrain just redirects you to the market).

    Anyway, try this link:
    ShapeWriter Keyboard - Android app on AppBrain
    rb3 likes this.
  11. zgeorge

    zgeorge Lurker

    Same here, got my replacement phone yesterday, and sync'd up via appbrain (it was in Myapps list already)
  12. wooly

    wooly Newbie
    Thread Starter

    how do i do this through appbrain i clicked "install" but got nothing but like a welcome from appbrain.. its too late for me to still get shapewriter somehow isnt it?
  13. varaonaid

    varaonaid Android Enthusiast

    Do you have an AppBrain account? Sign up if you don't and click install (on the shapewriter page) from your computer. Install the AppBrain app from Market then click "sync" then "perform installs". Click on appropriate "update" and "ok" prompts from there.
    PistonsFan likes this.
  14. wooly

    wooly Newbie
    Thread Starter

    holy shit! it worked!!! (appbrain) you guys are the best! i'm an idiot i didnt dwnld appbrain to my phone!! thank you guys so much
  15. wooly

    wooly Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i downloaded swype because i figured i was screwed.. and i gotta tell ya i really like shapewriter much better than swype. thank God for android forums!
  16. hitdog042

    hitdog042 Well-Known Member

    just get in on the swype beta... every bit as good!!
  17. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

    I just downloaded and installed shapewriter and HATE it. Not interested at all. SWYPE rocks.
  18. red97xj

    red97xj Well-Known Member

    I agree! I have tried both, SWYPE is way better!
  19. ttamnedlog

    ttamnedlog Android Enthusiast

    Swype does auto caps, but otherwise you're right. The fact that Shapewriter is more accurate and gives better guesses just makes it faster. Plus I never liked the way Swype handled double letters and adding words to the dictionary. Sometimes I tap out words that I don't want to save! And you can't even edit Swype's dictionary. :mad:
  20. Renko

    Renko Newbie

    Now the only keyboard on the market which uses this new sliding method is SlideIT. I use it for 3 months and it
  21. rb3

    rb3 Newbie

    I must be missing something. I have tried both, and I can hardly tell any difference. They both seem really nice. Smooth, good word prediction, way better than tapping... I don't know. It's a toss-up for me.

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