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Share Data between phones

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by kdeff, May 27, 2010.

  1. kdeff

    kdeff Lurker
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    Im starting to write a new App, possibly a multiplayer game. One of the biggest problems is, of course, transferring data between the two phones.

    What are some ways to do this? Is there any accepted best methods to accomplish this?

    Ive done similar things (for other platforms), but this is my first time doing anything for a cel phone. Before I have used TCP connection to directly connect 2 computers, or I have had them both connect to a central http server (usually running a php script to manage connections on the server).

    Is there any way to connect 2 Android phones directly, such as using the TCP protocol?

    Its likley that I will end up using a third party, most likley HTTP server as a transfer median between the 2 phones.

    How do I pull data from the internet, such as a web URL? Is there any way to read the data of a http URL and store it as a string?

    If I go with the Server intermediary method, one phone will need to send the other phone a signal telling it that the server has been updated, and that it needs to re-sync with the server. Can this be done via SMS - ie. is it possible for an android program to send out a text to another person?

    Thanks in advance. I dont need direct answers, but I just want to be pointed in teh right direction or directed to an example.


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  2. mdevusr

    mdevusr Lurker

    I'm wondering if you found answers for your above question, I was looking at a similar requirement to find the most efficient (and fastest) way to exchange data between two android devices. Please let me know if you found a solution. Is there a better way than using bluetooth or a remote http server (which might be the slowest of the two).

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