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Share how you use your screens

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by khaag27, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Oshi74

    Oshi74 Newbie


    Using Home instead of Sense. That with Fresh 1.1 and Gumbo Kernel = blazing fast and still very attractive using metamorph to change the launcher tab.

  2. dufran3

    dufran3 Newbie

    Forever is like 20 min. All this flashing is done from recovery right? Not use pre-kitchen correct? Maybe I will let it sit a bit longer, maybe I'm not being patient, I will time it this time...just to be sure I'm not over-exaggerating my boot time. Just flashed launcher from recovery now, and booting. Will time it...hope it works, really like the nexus launcher. If that doesn't work, I will try to re-flash with Fresh 1.1 in the order you suggested, maybe that will work.
  3. Konikub

    Konikub Well-Known Member

    Yeah try that.....it's def not from using kitchen, it's using recovery....and just flashing the nexuslauncher.zip
  4. ukcatsfan

    ukcatsfan Newbie

    how do you take off sense? can i do it quickly to just see the difference, or do i have to re boot adn / or re flash? is it really that much quicker
  5. Konikub

    Konikub Well-Known Member

    Go into applications.....scroll to HTC Sense, and click on it. Once it pulls up "clear the defaults" then click your HOME button. It will ask you "home, or Sense" click on HOME to take off sense....

    To go back to it, go to applications, then go to home...click on it and clear the defaults, and hit the home button and switch back to HTC Sense.

    Hope this helps you!! :D
  6. dufran3

    dufran3 Newbie

    Got it! Had to re-flash Fresh 1.1 and all my other stuff. Working now though!! Thanks man! Not sure if I should re-up my images with the new launcher....prob wont...
  7. ukcatsfan

    ukcatsfan Newbie

    ok did it, sense is off now. but when i try to turn it back on i go to applications-home and no option to clear default? what ya think?
  8. Konikub

    Konikub Well-Known Member

    Unless you clicked on "use as default" after you hit the home button and clicked "home"....you should be able to hit the home button and "click HTC Sense"
  9. MikeMcG

    MikeMcG Well-Known Member

    I never knew that. Thanks. You would figure that with all the stuff I've flashed and re-flashed and tinkered with, I would have known how to do that.
  10. Konikub

    Konikub Well-Known Member

    SWEETNESS!!!!! Glad to see it working of you man! I remember when I wanted that launcher....nothing in this world was going to stop me from getting it, lol.

    We really should see your new screens ;) once you get all your new things/apps/widgets put together the way you want :)

    Glad to see you happy!!!!!
  11. Konikub

    Konikub Well-Known Member

    You are very welcome!!!! I found out how to do that through reading other peoples posts....so I can't take all the credit for it. Just glad I could resurface it for those who needed it :)
  12. DFRESH

    DFRESH Android Enthusiast

    where can i get the nexus weather and news zip?
  13. rockcrawler

    rockcrawler Well-Known Member


    I just threw the .apk on my server for you so download direct to your phone and install away, no unzip needed.
  14. Konikub

    Konikub Well-Known Member

    This is where I got mine, and I Soooo love it! Let me know if it worked for you.....Enjoy!
  15. dufran3

    dufran3 Newbie

  16. DFRESH

    DFRESH Android Enthusiast

    Thanks Rockcrawler .....
  17. Konikub

    Konikub Well-Known Member

    NICE....you beat me to the answer "and" made it far more easy for all to attain!!!!! Sweet :)
  18. rockcrawler

    rockcrawler Well-Known Member

  19. I figured I should start contributing to this forum. I have gained a lot of information through these threads over the last couple of months. Thanks for all of the help. Time to start giving back...

    I am running Fresh 1.1, Gumbo kernel, setcpu, using the stock task bar icons, clear widget/lockscreen themes, and 2.1 icons. I also made my own wallpaper/lockscreen with photoshop.

    lock screen ----------- main home screen
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    left screens (in order from left to right):

    right screens (from left to right):
  20. Konikub

    Konikub Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing.....awesome set up. Question though, is that "Pure Calendar" I see you running..? If so how did you get that set up.


    I have looked into this and tried hitting many differnt buttons to get a set up simialar to that. All I could come up with is what I am running in the above pictures of my screen setups.

    Thanks in advance if you have the answers I so seek :)
  21. I tried several calendar widgets before settling on this one. It's called "Agenda Widget". Has alot of nice features. And it's free! Give it a try.
  22. Konikub

    Konikub Well-Known Member

    Thanks man...just downloaded it and the only problem I have is that it's for the "HOME" screen and that's it. I like my calendar on the second screen....as my first/home is taken with a photo and commenly used apps!!!

    Thanks anyways, you are right it is a wonderful app!!!
  23. I assume that you are referring to the middle screen as the "HOME" screen...

    I am able to put the widget on any screen. Not sure exactly why you aren't able to do so. In fact, the widget allows multiple instances that can point to different calendars (ex: google, holidays, etc.).
  24. DFRESH

    DFRESH Android Enthusiast

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