Share plans first month's bill


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If someone joins Verizon with two smartphones $80 and 1gb data $50 for $130/month. Will the first bill (one month in advance) be $230 not including two activation fees for the two smartphones. So will they be looking at close to a $300 first bill?



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VZW changed they way that they pro rate the first bill. Customers before could have been placed onto a bill cycle that could have lead the first bill to be pro rated for almost 2 months of billing. Now the customer when they start up a new account with vzw is placed on the closest bill cycle based on their start date. This puts the first bill to right around 1 month plus a couple of days at the very most.

You are looking at 50 for 1 gb of data, 40 per line for the line access charge and 35 dollar action fees plus (insurance, additional add on features) taxes and govt surcharges. Your first bill should be alot closer to 230 than it would be to 300.