Nov 22, 2012
I try to share a photo to my Picasa Web Album and get a message from my phone "Failed to receive account information". Anybody know how to sync the phone images to the web album?

On the phone (HTC EVO V 3D) I can access and view images otherwise stored in the Picasa web album (stored via computer). These albums are set to privacy "only you". So there must be some account access that works.

Do I have a Picasa login problem at my phone?

Need I have a Google+ account set up? Not just the standard Google account?

Any other ideas?

Thanks for your thoughts and/or help!
dcs1, Thanks for your reply! Not sure if your "upload" and mine are going the same direction.

On my phone I can open and see the web Picasa albums and move pictures from the web to the phone. I call this download.

What I can't do is move (actually Share) a phone picture to the Picasa web location. I call this upload. I get the account error.

I have only 1 gmail account on this phone.

Because I have 5 non-gmail Email addresses on my phone I was hesitant to remove them all. Must removal be done or can I just turn off all the data sync options?
Thanks dcs1! It looks like the phone does not like like to have my Gmail address in both the Gmail app and in the Mail app. Removing from the Mail app and Picasa now works to move photos both directions from the Picasa web location. The share function must not know which account data, Gmail or Mail, to use for Picasa account access.

I wasn't convinced at first you were on the track but indeed you had it pretty well nailed. Thanks again.