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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Marshal77, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Marshal77

    Marshal77 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well now that shops finally sell it and more and more people have it by now, I thought to put this kind of thread up for everyone to comment their initial impressions and feelings about the phone, I am sure all of us who are still waiting for it are anxious to read your thoughts!

    Was it everything you hoped for, which things could have been done better? What good there is , what bad ?


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  2. jonrwg

    jonrwg Well-Known Member

    just got mine today from three !! my first impression on the phone was "wooaahhh" the screen is bigg. compare to my iphone 3G. LOL. charging the phone now and hopefully this phone will impress me more after switching on. haha.
  3. cdms811

    cdms811 Newbie

    Its awesome, no more to say, simply awesome
  4. Mojo Fones

    Mojo Fones Newbie

    I'm buying one based solely on that review! :D
  5. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    A lot to (re)learn after years on Nokia! But the 'touch' is easy to get used to. Picked up the wifes Nokia 2730 today and touched the screen to bring the display back on. Doh .....

  6. arlrb

    arlrb Android Enthusiast

    I'm Impressed.
    Had a dell streak for 3 months (jokephone - dell don't do OSs!)
    iPhone 3g for 2 years before that.

    I had the proximity problem, but a blow has sorted that... strange. I've heard there's an actual sw fix though.
    My Bluetooth stereo headphones only do calls (no media), & it won't support my Bluetooth keyboard (iGo), apparently not compatible with android, but it works with the dell streak. Hopefully just some driver they include in the next update.

    I had 3 months of getting used to android before getting the dhd, so I've found it even more fun.
  7. arlrb

    arlrb Android Enthusiast

    Ps - Some reviews say it's too big. That's cos its a man's phone.
  8. arlrb

    arlrb Android Enthusiast

    Check your updates!
  9. RussWWFC

    RussWWFC Android Enthusiast

    Had it about an hour, all I've done is set up and call T-Mobile to give them my PAC. Initial thoughts:

    Looks massive, but it's not much bigger than my iPhone 3G when it's in it's case. Fits well in the hand too.

    Screen attracts fingerprints like mad. I was hoping my screen protector would arrive today, so I could put it on before I even switched the phone on. Screen quality is nice though

    Setup was nice and easy, but not managed to get it connected to my WiFi yet.

    Facebook contacts all imported without asking, I'd like to find out if you can stop that, or at least only import selected ones. My phone number list is huge now! I do like the friend stream though

    Android takes some getting used to, after the iPhone. I keep going to press the centre button to get "home"!

    On screen keyboard is not as good as the iPhone, maybe it will just take some getting used to.

    Phone is very nice to use, excellent call quality and good loudspeaker.

    Overall, pretty impressed with the speed. Only scratched the surface, got a whole load of app downloading and customising to do
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  10. jonrwg

    jonrwg Well-Known Member

    When you login from facebook for android they will ask you wether you want to sync all the contact or not. I got that message everytime i login and i disable auto-sync.
  11. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    I've just taken mine back.

    + points.

    Screen is big.

    Hardware is solid and looks decent.

    Fast and responsive (much snappier than my Nexus One with CM6 and Launcher Pro).

    Over 1 GB for Apps

    - points.

    Battery life is abysmal (I know some people are reporting better but I was dropping 15% with 10 minutes browsing with screen at around 30%).

    The screen is washed out in my opinion.

    The speaker needs a bit more grunt.

    Not particularly a fan of Sense.

    Shame, I love HTC but this was not the phone for me. For a person who wants to be out all day, make calls, take pictures and play the odd game this phone is a no no in my opinion.

    I really am stuck as to what to replace my N1 with now.
  12. RussWWFC

    RussWWFC Android Enthusiast

    Further thoughts.

    A lot of the apps I use on my iPhone are not there or not as good on Android.

    I am happy with the new features on my phone but missing the simplicity of the iPhone. It also concerns me that a load of apps are apparantly running in the background according to the phone.

    Browser is quick and zippy, can get some flash sites like online footy working too

    Signal strength is changing all the time, won't settle down at all
  13. Eskimosie

    Eskimosie Lurker

    This is the first smartphone I have ever owned, so it's all new and exciting to me still. So far I love how easy it is to navigate around the device, the personalising it to your specific requirements and the little added extras like locating on maps where one of your contacts are. Useful for me as I have no sense of direction at all :D I also love the fact that the phone is miles faster than my laptop...but I guess that's just cos my laptop is ancient.. :/

    My main bugbear though is, surprise surprise, the battery life. Fortunately I don't send or receive enough mails or any other office related docs, to warrant it a major problem, but I can sympathise with those that use the device a lot for work. Even after doing the 'charge up completely, and die completely' routine, it still doesn't last a day for me, and I hardly do anything on the phone (a few texts, a little browsing, and possibly 10mins on a game). Knowing I need to take a charger around with me everywhere, just in case, is a little annoying.

    Apart from that, and apart from maybe a HDMI port and a kickstand (yes, I'm sad, and wished I had an Evo!), it's probably the best...and most useful, mobile I have ever owned.
  14. Marshal77

    Marshal77 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    What do you mean by this? You mean you can locate the people you are talking to with your phone?
  15. Krimian

    Krimian Member

    I cannot seem to get Phone Finder to work on sense, I've got it all enabled in Locations on my phone :(
  16. Nybras

    Nybras Well-Known Member

    Well I finally got mine yesterday and I've got say I LOVE IT! Its such an improvement from my Hero.
    Had none of the problems that people have been sharing on here (yet) such as the proximity problem etc. Although the bottom removable piece doesn't look like it quite fits/matches up, but this isn't a real issue.
    I really cant understand what people are moaning about when they say that the weight is too heavy.. Grow some muscles!! It really isn't that bad!
    Battery doesn't seem "too" bad, I've left all the default setting as they are, apart from having a Live Wallpaper and its been on for 17 hours and only at half way on the battery level (mind you I haven't had massive amounts of play as I've been busy.)

    Time to have a play!
  17. Eskimosie

    Eskimosie Lurker

    When you add or import your contacts and you view their caller card, if you have added their home/work address, you can click on it and it will show up on Googlemaps (I believe). It's not that impressive, but it is useful for me.

    I'm unsure whether you can actually locate where they are at the precise moment when you call them. Would that be an invasion of privacy?! I could no longer lie to my mother saying that I am at home when really I am out somewhere I shouldn't be! :D
  18. karnka

    karnka Android Expert

    This is what Latitude is for. Scary thing too, if you turn on the history, give it a little while and then visit the 'History Dashboard' it deduces all sorts of things about you.
  19. Eskimosie

    Eskimosie Lurker

    That is scary! I haven't really messed around with Latitude properly yet, but had a quick go just to see. Fortunately you can request permission from whoever you want to see, so at least it's not that intrusive. Actually that is very handy if you are meeting up with someone and you haven't got the foggiest idea where they have suggested to meet.

    Incredibly helpful for all those mazeophobes out there I'll say!

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