Sharing video on Youtube, must login every time


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So, I'm having a small issue trying to share videos on Youtube. Essentially, I'm forced to log in every single time I want to upload a video. Here's how it happens:

I take a video with the stock camera app. Go to the gallery, and click share. Choose Youtube. It asks me to login. I do, and it uploads fine over wifi.

Take another video, same steps, and I'm asked to login again. The problem is, I have a long username, so this is really annoying. I'd think it would cache my username for at least as long as the youtube app is still open in the background, or gallery, or something.

I've tried going into the youtube app directly, logging in, and then doing all this. No matter what I do, I have to login to youtube every single time.

There are other Droid threads about login errors to youtube via the app, but I'm not experiencing that - I'm able to login fine, I'm just annoyed I have to do it every single time I want to use youtube, be it via the app or sharing through gallery.

I'm learning to Cut All when I login the first time, then pasting each subsequent time, so at least I'm only retyping my password each time. Which makes it not a huge deal, but still an annoyance :) Especially since I tend to upload in batches.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is this a security thing or did they just forget the "remember me" checkbox?

Tim K

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I never have to reenter my info on uploads to youtube or picasa. I am wondering if maybe somehow your youtube account isn't linked properly to your google account? Check on youtube and see if there is anyway to link the two. I sort of remember having to do something like that but I could be wrong.


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Thanks for the reply Tim, I'm glad to know I'm not crazy and that it should be possible to have it "remember" my data.

I'm using my gmail address as my login, so I'd *hope* it would know how to handle that [grin] but that means nothing in the world of computers. i didn't even think of going to youtube to check on anything like that, I'll go look into my settings and see what I can come up with.

Thanks for the insight, if I find anything I'll post a solution for future visitors!