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Sharing Videos to Facebook (?)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stimulatedboredom, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. stimulatedboredom

    Thread Starter

    I noticed that the Hero lacks the option to share a video recorded via the phone to Facebook (an option I liked on the Instinct).

    Does anyone know of a good app that allows this? Is this an option they are going to add in the future?

    I just started using the app for 'Qik', however this is primarily to stream live video from your phone to your Qik channel. It does post a link on FB for others to see the video, even if no longer streaming live, but the videos you record when using the app do not stay native to the phone (cannot view / locate videos in your albums) and you have to go to your channel to view them.

    Curious if anyone knew of an app that allows you to choose a video from albums and share on social media sites (specifically FB).


  2. illiniguy

    illiniguy Lurker

    how do you do pics to facebook?
  3. stimulatedboredom

    Thread Starter

    Whenever you take a picture or go to your albums, you can choose the 'share' icon which gives you the choice to send / share the picture to an email, FB, Twitter, SMS etc.

    However, this option does not exist for videos. Only email, SMS, YouTube etc are available, but no social media options.

    Amendment to my original post: When using Qik, it does actually save the video to your SD card. This is a workaround for posting videos to FB (since when you take a vid using the app, it gives you the option to share a link to the video through the Qik site as a FB status), but still no direct / native ability to share videos.
  4. Dredlok

    Dredlok Lurker

    Bloo allows you to do this but I haven't tested it yet. Let me know how it works if you try it out.
  5. JasonMudd

    JasonMudd Newbie

    I use the PixelPipe Pro to share videos to my blog and direct to facebook. Works well.

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