Shattered Galaxy s2 screen

I have shattered the screen of my AT&T Galaxy S2. It will power up but screen is completely black. I cant upgrade until Oct and will reluctantly use my wife's old Iphone 3g. All my contacts were on phone and backup on Gmail. Does anyone know of a way to transfer my 700 plus contacts to an I phone without being able to use screen on my Galaxy?


got rid of my iphone awhile ago..but when you synch the phone in itunes cant you go to the info tab and select sync contacts with..and then select Google Contacts?


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MHL adapter?

Btw, I got a S2 off Craigslist with a bad flash, no imei anymore, for about 175. Swapped the screen, or essentially the motherboard to the donor S2, in about 15 mins. easy stuff. Actually swapping the screen only requires alot more patience and some 3m tape to replace what comes off. But doable.


Use the USB cable that comes with GS2 and connect the phone to your PC running Windows. Run the Kies and you should be able backup your contacts to your PC without looking at SG2's screen.

Problem is to restore it to an iPhone. Never own one so don't know how.