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Shattered Gorilla Glass on MS-840

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WeaZeL8580, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. WeaZeL8580

    WeaZeL8580 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I bought my LG Connect 4G the week it came out and have been very careful with it. I usually dont get an insurance plan cause I've never had an issue with a phone in the 9 years I've had metropcs. Well, about a week ago I was talking on my phone and it dropped from my hand approx 5 feet to the pavement. My gorilla glass spider web shattered from the bottom right; up about 1/4 th distance of the screen. I can still use the device perfectly, but its quite annoying to read anything through the cracks.
    I've done a small bit of research on gorilla glass and replacing phone screens but so far have been unable to locate a replacement for the MS-840. Maybe its too new, or I simply dont know where to look. I'm asking if anyone out there may have a suggestion, or tip as to my crisis, please reply or at least keep your eyes open and post if you happen to run across a potential solution. Thank you all for reading and for your assistance in advance. :eek:

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  2. CB1990

    CB1990 Lurker

    LG might be able to replace the glass for a fee. I would call them and start there. Also is there a difference between the Verizon Lucid or the Sprint Viper? If there is not maybe one of their repair centers could replace the screen? The Viper looks more like the Connect but it's not released yet.
    Good Luck
  3. Ære

    Ære Android Enthusiast

    If you can get another phone you can use that screen. Replace yours with it. Otherwise, yea ask LG
  4. maguiarjr

    maguiarjr Lurker

    Hey i was wondering if you came across a fix for your cracked LG connect Screen. My daughter dropped mine today, I'm trying to find a solution. Thanks in advance.
  5. LGconnect

    LGconnect Member

    I broke mine too. I'm sending it to LG tomorrow. They said it would cost between $42-$100.

    To contact LG:




    800-793-8896 or 800-243-0000

    Here's my thread.

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  6. maguiarjr

    maguiarjr Lurker

    Thanks LGConnect please keep us updated.

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