Help Shazam: transfer songs from iOS to Android

Shazam on my iPhone is synced to iCloud. On Android I logged into Shazam (via Import Shazams) with the same email address I'd used for iCloud, but it produces the notice "0 Shazams imported", so there are still no Shazams on my Pixel although there are hundreds on iPhone. I also tried logging in by that email address on the iPhone instead (at Import Shazams), but all it seemed to do was display the aforementioned error; it didn't seem to add any sync ability, plus everytime I closed and reopened the app I was logged out. Finally, I logged into Shazam on the web using the same email address, where again there were no Shazams. So it seems all past Shazams are indefinitely stored only in iCloud. Based on a search it seems many have had similar issues (transferring Shazams across devices). Please advise!